Easter – or wester?

Growing up, for me, like many other Finnish kids Easter meant chocolate egg hunt and a general overdose on chocolate for several days. We went “trick or treating” dressed up as a witch, and ate traditional Finnish delicacy called mämmi with a pound of cream and a mountain of sugar.

The Easter feast was not my favorite, not only because I was usually stuffed with candy, but because it involved eating something as cute as a lamb. We would always have either lamb or rabbit as the main course, served with mint jam (which one year was forgotten, resulting in a dispute on whose responsibility it was). I could deal with eating rye pudding that resembles poop, but not even the best mint jam would make me eat lamb. Lambs were just too sympathetic to be eaten! After refusing to enjoy the same delicacies with the rest of the family, my thoughts concerning cuteness and animals evolved.

The Easter lesson learned: Follow your heart. As a kid I said, and continue to say no to the traditional Easter, because I am more of a wester.

As for the horror to all foreigners visiting Finland, I highly recommend you to try mämmi. One spoonful doesn’t kill you. If eaten with cream and sugar, you can almost hide the taste.

This mämmi is made by Saarioinen, one of the leading food companies in Finland. The most brave make their own mämmi.

Have a happy Easter, or Wester if Easter is not your cup of tea and your bowl of mämmi!


4 thoughts on “Easter – or wester?

    1. Even though Easter is a religious holiday, to me it is something different: Spring is coming, and the nature is preparing to wake up! Even though now it is very snowy…

      1. Easter IS the Spring Holiday, just as Christmas is the Winter Holiday and Halloween is for celebrating Fall. To heck with religion. Friggin holiday thief, that one.


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