Crazy Finns – Crazy Days

Many people think Finns are somewhat peculiar. Our cities are relatively small, we have a lot of space and we respect our personal space. The closest we get to a big city life or metropolis is Hullut Päivät (Galna Dagar på Svenska, Crazy Days), the posh department store Stockmann’s sale, that makes people go crazy every spring and every autumn. For 5 days we get a taste of the life in densely populated countries. Those, who dare to enter the department store will sweat, fight for the sale items, push others and get pushed, get frustrated and buy stuff that they will regret later. I have been to the Crazy Days every time for as long as I can remember.

The Crazy ghosts are everywhere

There are also several flights on sale every day, usually people queue before Stockman opens at 8 am.

Candy on sale

The items on sale are specially brought to the stores for the sale, and are not sold other times. Every day new items are revealed, so people would visit the department store again and again. Catalogues are sent to people’s homes. Hooray for consumerism!

If shopping isn’t enough, there is also live music available! The band plays, and you cannot do anything but listen! And if the band is not playing there surely will be someone to go through all the best offers via microphone.

There is something masochistic in the crush, I guess it is the memories from places where Crazy Days are everyday. Its good to have few Crazy Days in a year. Even if you buy just cheap apples from the grocery department.


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