May Day

Vappu, aka Labour day, aka the biggest excuse to get drunk and stupid, was here once again.

Annual vappu market has game stalls

Vappu is the annual celebration in the end of April. For many kids it means the traditional vappu market, balloons, and a sugar high from munkki (donuts) and sima (mead, a beverage made from yeast).

Vappu treats, including 110 munkki
The most popular place on Tampere on Vappu – the bank of the Tammerkoski rapids

The streets are now clean again, there are no cheerful people anywhere to be seen – things have gone back to normal. But for the past few days everyone was happy, light-headed and outdoors enjoying the nice weather.

People enjoying the nice weather

Students drink and celebrate graduation, adults put on their graduation caps and drink sparkling wine on picnics. Rather than anything else, this holiday is associated with heavy drinking. Easy money for those collecting empty cans and bottles!

Vappu balloons

Next holiday – Midsummer!

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