First times’ charm

Lately there have been many first times, at least firsts for this year.

My dog spent the night at my place (she lives with my mother).

Sophie loves my favorite chair

I spotted flowers in Pyynikki!

The first hepatica of the year

Dandelions have also woken up

The first picnic of the year – due to bad weather we had to have it indoors, which was not so bad!

Few of our indoors picnic treats

The first outdoor picnic was completed with real champagne (which might have been the first time for me to have the real thing)!

The weather on Vappu was perfect for a picnic outdoors

I also got my first sunburn that day. Thanks to sunglasses, I now have a read nose with clear lines separating the area that was covered by my glasses.

First time in the water.

Sophie soaking her paws

Okay, well, I didn’t have my first swim yet, but Sophie did!

I took this year’s first bike ride yesterday. (The bike pictured is not mine)

Some bikes just have more attitude

Still waiting for the following firsts:

Strawberries and peas from the farmer’s market
T-shirt weather
My brother’s graduation
Ice cream outdoors
Mosquito sting
Summer rain
most of all: Moving to another country!

Pyynikki beach


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