Nihongo ga wakarimasen

Today was the last lecture of my Japanese class. The course started in January, and since that I’ve spent all Friday mornings in the classroom with our sensei Miyamoto-Maunu and my classmates. Time goes fast! I now know (somewhat) all hiragana, and I have promised myself that I will study all of the katakana before my exchange starts.  Learning Japanese has been really interesting, and some of the phrases and words are rather amusing. Some of my personal favorites are:

 ときどき (tokidoki) – sometimes
インフォーメーション (infomeeshon) – information
セブンイレブン (sebunirebun) – seven eleven
かっか (kakka) – emperor (kakka means poo in Finnish)
ディズニーランド (deizunirando) – Disneyland
マクドナルド (makudonarudo) – McDonalds
いちにち (ichinichi) – one day

This last Japanese lesson was a bit more informal than the previous ones. We have done origami before, but this time there was more Japanese culture-related things, too.


Sumo origami game
Japanese game, similar to the one where you have to tag donkey’s tail to its’ right place
Japanese games, children’s books etc.
Most of our snacks were already eaten at the point of taking pictures

I will miss studying Japanese, since it might be quite difficult independently. I have few iPhone apps that I have found useful when studying hiragana and katakana, but I haven’t really found many good websites for studying. Do you have any tips on self-studying?


One thought on “Nihongo ga wakarimasen

  1. Note: All the (Japanese) senbei (rice crackers) are eaten, but there is still most of the (Finnish) salmiakki (dark, salty candy) left!


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