This is Finland

I need to make at least 15-page Powerpoint presentation about Finland. The following info graphics made by my co-students make my job a lot easier!

All the essential information on Finland
Caffeine keeps us awake during the dark hours.
The sad truth: Finns drink. A lot.
Visual statistics
Hot room, naked people – what’s not to like?

Infographics made by Tania Rodrigues and Laura Garcia for TAMK Animation and visual styles-course.


4 thoughts on “This is Finland

  1. There seems to be lot of alcohol. All the Finns are not boozing! Sauna is natural place for Finns! Finns are heavy coffee drinkers and that’s why we have the only one International Coffee Museum in the world. From my mind these are giving a very negative info about Finns! Are not there any positive signals to the world from Finns and Finland? Happily my blog offers one.

    I am thinking in a very positive way and that’s why I just wonder and wonder… Maybe some people see our beautiful world in this way than in Your presentation. This is not humor, it is mudslinging. I do not deny facts, but how to present them… Oh my Gosh!

    1. There is an International Coffee Museum in Finland? Where is that? In Tampere we have the Lenin museum and Spy museum, unfortunately I have not visited either of those. Lately, most of the things that I have seen in Finland are negative – it is so easy to notice all the alcohol abuse when the weather is getting better and people are out more (a positive thing!).

      I did not make those inforgraphics myself, they were made by some students (foreigners) in the animation and multimedia class in the Tampere University of Applied Sciences. I thought they were visually very nice and provided some information that the designers found most interesting about Finland. So I am not the only one who things that those things stand out in the Finnish life.

      One of my goals for going abroad is to learn to appreciate Finland more. There are lots of things I will come to miss when I am away. That is why it will be nice to come back one day!

  2. All that You said might be valid for big cities or towns. In Finland there is life also on countryside! Our countryside is beautiful and full with many small marvel things to

    be noticed. I do not know how well You know Finland and that’s why I give some examples with links to my blog.

    Finnish people are very creative:

    Example of our quilts:
    Quilts made in Finland

    Beading (my wife has this hobby):
    Beads as hobby

    Wooden carved art and “odd” statues:
    Wooden art1
    Wooden art2
    Wacky statues

    Some special museums:
    International coffee cup museum
    Mechanical Music Museum
    Glass museum

    Our beautiful nature:
    Koli national park
    Pistohiekka – Scenery road
    Park of Aulanko

    Small towns full with beautiful wooden houses:

    Charming wintry Porvoo

    Biggest in the world:

    World’s biggest Snow Castle 2011
    World’s biggest

    wooden church

    Wonders found around churches:

    Pulpits in Finland
    Antique church chandeliers
    Beautiful bell towers in Finland

    Vacation possibilities in Finland:

    Midsummer cruise
    Vacation cottage
    Autumn holiday
    Castle of Olavinlinna
    Historic maritime fortress of Suomenlinna

    These some examples from Finland which I love.

    I do hope that You’ll find something beautiful among these.

    1. Well, I have lived in Finland my whole life and gone through the “best school system in the world”.
      I do know we have the air guitar world championship, throw the mobile phone contest, wife carrying contest and swamp football.

      My favorite things in Finland include berry picking, lakes, Runsaudensarvi shop in Tampere, yeast-free rye bread from Pullapuoti Wilenius and free student health care. Maybe later on I will post long, homesick posts about all the things that I miss about Finland.


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