Jesus did…what today?

I cannot remember what happened few thousand years ago that made this day so special. This year ascension day is special in Tampere for other than religious reasons.

People queuing for French baguette (à 2€) in the European Food Market

Yesterday there was the opening day of European food market in Tampere, which sells French and Italian delicacies such as baguettes (which caused people to get violent in queues last summer in the French food market in Keskustori).

Baguette fresh from the oven
Foie gras with ducks
Mustard in three languages
Dried fruit get expensive when sold outdoors
Different sorts of fudge

In addition to all these and few other treats, the market sells soap, handicrafts and such. There are also few local restaurants, terraces and entrepreneurs.

Potato chips made en place
Ice hockey screen, ready for the finals

Today there was also an event called Market of Possibilities in Väinö Linna square. These markets are events where NGOs present the public with their activities, distribute information, and offer visitors new experiences. Together with the Market of Possibilities was the Social Forum of Tampere.

Not your typical Finnish sweets


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