Vegfest 2012: Omnoms with a good conscience

This weekend was the climax for over half year’s work. Since last autumn, I have been responsible for the publicity and marketing of Vegfest, Finland’s biggest vegetarian festival. The weekend was a blast, even though weather-wise Friday was pretty much as bad as one can imagine. On Saturday the sun shined, we had lots of visitors and the atmosphere was terrific!

The greenery area included plants that were treats for the eye as well as the stomach

The programme included speeches, workshops, food tastings and lots more!

Vegan version of the traditional Tampere food – blood sausage
Sweet and savory treats were offered to passers-by – the feedback was very positive
Crowd in the restaurant area

Even though I spent almost whole three days in the festival area in Keskustori, I think I did not really work hard. It was fun to hang around, meet new people, have interesting conversations and, well, eat lots and lots of delicious vegan food! Working in an event that was completely run by volunteers was inspiring – everyone was in a good mood, working full-heartedly for the benefit of all, not for personal gain or financial benefit.

Some of the animal art potrayed in the cafe

I wish I could do something similar in the future as well! Next time Vegfest will be held in 2014, it will be interesting to see if I can participate or visit the event!

Happy pig and happy human

For more Vegfest mood, check out the Vegfest Youtube channel!


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