Food is Art

Lots of happening in Tampere!

The Food is Art ticket (cost 10€) had a map of Kauppahalli market hall, including the participating restaurants with 6 interesting dishes

Food is Art offered delicious sample menu in Kauppahalli on last Friday and Saturday. (Un)fortunately this event was just for two days – I am sure there will be other similar treats in the future as well!

False morel pie with spruce foam, accompanied by bolete jelly. Restaurant Hella & Huone

The Food is Art society consists of nine high quality restaurants in Tampere. The aim is to promote restaurant culture and encourage people to enjoy the service, high quality ingredients and atmosphere of the restaurants.

Lamb sausage in a dough, parsnip-mustard creme (the taster’s favorite dish)

This event has been organized once before. This time there was no dessert, which was a bit of a disappointment. The menu was too constricted for vegetarians, since only two of the dishes were vegetarian, and one dish included salmon.

58 C eggs, peas and shredded pork
Eggs, peas and pork

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday, even though the food might leave you hungry for more.



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