Family, food, what else is there to do?

The past two weeks have mostly been about eating, celebrating and seeing family & friends. My brother’s graduation, moving from my apartment to my mother’s place until I leave to New York, organizing the graduation parties (plural, since there was a version 2.0 in our summer cottage in Kuopio this weekend) have kept me busy – not much time to get used to the idea that I’ll be gone before I realize it – in 5 days, to be precise.


Peaceful sunset in Vaajasalo, a sight I will miss
True summer: Strawberries in the ferry, going to Vaajasalo island to the summer cottage (notice our retro Volvo)


After celebrating my brother with my mother’s side of the family and friends a week ago, I went to Kuopio to see my grandparents, and have another round of cake and champagne (well okay, it was sparkling wine) with my dad’s family in the summer cottage. Some might think having “two families” is a disadvantage, but at least it means twice the cake!

Midnight snacks and leftovers for brunch – notice the traditional “sandwich cake” on the lower shelf

In the summer cottage edition of the party, we had two types traditional Finnish party food called sandwich cake. It is basically bread loaves layered with mayo/cream cheese, fish/meat and then coated and decorated with fish/meat, fruit, vegetables etc. Very 80’s style food, I don’t thin anyone does it anymore, except for old fashioned confirmation parties and such.
In the evening we had a barbecue with fries and false morel sauce (I open-fire roasted few perch caught in the fish trap, needless to say it was my brother who gutted them).


The Graduate (who is very fond of his hat) taming the bonfire flames


I was supposed to go on another trip before the Big Apple, to Helsinki, but I cancelled that. Now I still have 5 days left in Tampere, and my feelings are mixed. Life will certainly be different in a weeks’ time!

Sophie taking it easy and chilling, as usual


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