Bumpy ride

Beautiful morning in Tampere, I woke up at 6.30 even though my bus left after 9 am. Got cherries for snacking in the bus, mom cried at the bust station. The bus ride was fast, I was well on time in the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

My overweight luggage and the brand new laptop bag in Tampere bus station

First bump in the ride: I had overweight luggage. So, I unpacked my huge bag and put all the candies etc. to a plastic bag I bought, to the hand-luggage (same weight to the plane, just in a different bag).

Then, I found out that the flight was overbooked, and I did not have a seat. This caused a mild stress, plus several inquiries to the staff on the situation. The gate opened 2 hours before take off, I played it safe and skipped all the tax-free to make sure I got on the plane.

Ratatouille, quinoa and tomatoes, salad, fruit salad and a gluten free roll

I was actually a bit surprised that I got the vegan meal I ordered. I brought one Grey’s Anatomy disc with me to make the flight easier – too bad it was the one I had just watched. So no season 7 finale or me, then. I also noticed, that I forgot the usb cable home. There was no personal screens on the 767 American Airlines, so I had to make do with Game of Thrones s2 I had on my computer.

At Chicago, I had a bit less than 2 hours layover. I had planned on going to check out the tax free, but…

Me, lots of oriental people, and a bunch of officials walking around in the Border Protection Office

Apparently I was suspicious in the passport control, since the man took my passport and made me wait for interrogation. No one told me anything, I was just to sit in the room and wait, even though my connecting flight was in less than an hour. I was scared, not to mention jet-lagged and frustrated. When I finally got to the officer, he told me that I would most likely miss my flight, since the airport is so big and busy, and I would have to drop off my luggage, go to another terminal by train and then through security check. Ha! I made it. Welcome to America!

American Eagle, ready for take off

In New York, finally after about 22 hours.



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