On my way to work

Still a bit jet lagged, I have been waking up around 5.30 or 6.30 every morning. I don’t mind the long, more relaxed mornings – back home I used to just get up, get dressed and get out. After breakfast with the kids (pancakes for them, cereal and fruit for me), my morning goes like this.

My ride to the train station

The MTA takes about 45 minutes to the city.

The MTA keeps loud noise when passing by

I leave at the last train stop, Penn Station. There, I find my way to the exit to 7th Ave.

(morning) Crowd in Penn station


Typical sight on the street: Food, sun and the yellow cab


7th Avenue, where the office is located

I walk about 3 minutes to number 333. There, to the lift and to 10th floor.

To the office of Big Media and KeepTree

Here I sit for the day, have lunch in one of the dozens of restaurants just down, up or around the block, come back to the office and then around 6 pm the pictured routine is reversed.



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