Juhannus – Midsummer

Midsummer is a big festival in Finland. The cities are deserted, when people go to their summer cottages to celebrate the long day and non-existent night. After juhannus, the days get shorter and the darkness starts to draw closer and closer.

Traditional midsummer scene: Cottage, outdoor activity and the bonfire

I have never been a big fan of Midsummer. Most of the years I can remember, the weather has been horrible. This year I am glad to miss all the hassle of getting to the supermarket (and Alko liquor store) before they close. No beer and barbecue, or guessing how many drowned this year. In stead…

…I am enjoying the hotness of the New York summer (from yesterday’s 37 degrees C, it has now dropped to just 32). This morning started with an astanga yoga practice on the patio. Later, we will go have dinner at the Meca pool. Not bad alternative, I say. I wonder what the weather is like in Finland…

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