Upside down om

I have been doing yoga on/off since high school and since I came to Merrick, I have been going to yoga classes several times a week. Fuel The Soul yoga school offers hot yoga classes (even though with these temperatures outside, the “hot” in the yoga wouldn’t be necessary) in addition to the more traditional astanga classes. Before coming here, I read a lot about different sports opportunities in the City. I found the familiar yoga, bikram (hot) yoga, and something new, too.

Silk ropes hanging from the ceiling – new yoga fun

Aerial (or antigravity/suspension) yoga was truly an interesting experience I have not had before. Using the hammocks to go upside down, hang and flip from one position to another was something really bizarre for someone who usually has their feet six feet deep on the ground. Even though the hammocks are relatively close to the floor, it felt really scary to let myself go and trust that what I was doing was not going to result in any kind of injuries. Going upside down, and even laying in the air parallel to the floor was challenging, felt kind of weird and uncomfortable at some points, but at the same time I had childish emotions of fun and success. There was even few spontaneous bursts of laughter! I have never been a fan of gymnastics, but this class made gymnastics tricks fun.

Unfortunately I have no picture proof of myself in the class – it would have been spectacular to have a picture when I was in the “vampire” pose. This video clip shows a bit about what the class is like.

New York Times: Anti Gravity yoga

I would like to try the Anti Gravity yoga again, this time in the city. Om Factory offers a variety of classes, but their prices are (surprise surprise!) twice as much as they are here in Merrick.
Next on my to do list: Yoga Fight Club!



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