The Webster

After dragging my bag to 43th street from work and paying one month’s rent in advance in cash, I got three keys (one for my room, one for the closet in my room and one for the mailbox where I have to leave the keys every time I leave the building) for my room. The Webster Apartments is…well, see for yourself here. Young women working or studying in New York may contact the Webster apartments by phone, snail mail letters or fax, if they wish to stay at The Webster. Men are not allowed beyond the first floor, there is security 24/7, and a whole lot of other rules, too.

The lobby. Not too shabby.

The common areas are rather fancy, the rooms – not so much.

My room, n.o 523: desk, drawer and a bed

The rooms include what you see above, plus what you see below.

Sink, fan, bed almost long enough for me, and some closet space behind the bed

The toilets are in the corridor, as well as showers and few “bath tubs”.

Showers may or may not have hot water

The rent ($258/week) includes two meals per day: breakfast and dinner. Breakfast is at 7-8.45 and it consists of (hot) items changing every day like pancakes, french toast, or eggs. There are different kinds of bread and jams, different cereal, plus yoghurt and granola every morning. Coffee, (Lipton black) tea and various juices are also available.

Service line – you can take your own juice, at least

This morning we were allowed to have 2 boiled eggs. I asked for peanut butter, but they wouldn’t give it to me since I had already had the eggs. Ketchup I could have taken as much as I wanted. Or HOT milk.
You are not supposed to go to the cafeteria in flip-flops, pyjamas or otherwise inappropriate outfit. You shouldn’t take any food or anything from the cafeteria, but I’ve seen many people do it. I took my raw peach (one fruit or dessert per person) to my room, where it ripened in no time. The only advantage of not having AC – you’ll get ripe fruits!

Salad/cereal table and part of the dining room

Dinner usually has different hot meal options, that are served in a school cafeteria-style – you can’t take your own food to your plate, except for the salad and soup. You can choose to either take the dessert of the day or a fruit. There is the same bread selection as in breakfast (pumpernickel, cinnamon raisin – my favorite, toasted for dessert- “whole” wheat, white and “rye”, though I haven’t seen any rye anywhere), and several different sauces for the salad. The cafeteria uses only plastic cutlery, plates and paper cups, which I think is ridiculous waste.

Pictures of the common room will be published after I actually spend any time there.


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