I had a to do/see – list when coming to New York. The list has been evolving, expanding and shrinking as I’ve found new interests, and done or seen things. Here are some of the things I have already seen during my stay (including some things that most definitely were not on my list).


Bushes growing on old railroad that is re-created as an urban walk path, the Highline.

Design museum.
Central Park.

Carrot cupcake with pineapple frosting and toasted coconut flakes, topped with a fortune cookie, packed in a origami box at Blackberry launch party

Random cocktail event.
Drunks, hobos and beggars.
Creepy guy giving massages.
Aero yoga.
Eating in a diner. And in a steak house. And in a steak house and a diner in Times Square.
Bagels. And flagels (flat bagels).
Farmer’s market.

Creativity in Chelsea

Street art.
Eating in a vegetarian restaurant.
Eating in a restaurant week restaurant.
Overdose on self-serve frozen yogurt.
Organizing a barbecue.
Getting a manicure+pedicure.
Driving a mustang. Driving automatic gear car. Driving a convertible car. Driving a car.
Buying an umbrella (even though I tried hard to survive without one!).
Getting stuck in a thunderstorm.
Getting carded for a wine tasting.
Going to a blind date.

The following still remain to be done:

Rooftop party (though I did attend a party in a rooftop of a hotel, and hung out on a rooftop in Brooklyn).
Walking the Brooklyn bridge.
Several flea markets (Brooklyn Flea, Williamsburg Flea)
Eating dumplings.
Yoga fight club.
Happy hour.
Outdoor movie screening (Rebel Without a Cause in Bryant Park, perhaps).
Using the subway independently.




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