Multi purpose park

Bryant Park is in the heart of the city, and the daily activities organized may justify me calling it if not the heart, then at least some other important organ of the city.

There are free to read newspapers and books, book readings and discussions, language courses and much more in the literature area. Juggling lessons, yoga and tai chi are some of the weekly activities. Then there is live music, as well as snapshots of Broadway plays during lunchtime.

Not to mention this.

Rebel Without a Cause, James Dean’s most famous film, in Bryant Park

Every Monday night HBO and Pepsi offer screenings of classic films. The lawn area opens at 5 pm, when queuing people race to spread their blankets and try to get the best spots. Then, 4 hours later, the film begins. After a ritual.

Dancing before the movie

The movies are screened after a cartoon and -of course- movie trailers. Since the park was filled yesterday, my rough estimate is that there was easily over 1,000 people. Therefore, it was the biggest movie screening I’ve ever been to, in the most interesting location (you can hear the sounds of the city around you), with the most interesting waiting time (picnic blankets side by side). I had a good spot right in the middle front, where the sound was so loud I wish I had brought earplugs.

There are other movie screenings going on almost every night in other parks around the city and in Brooklyn, too, but I think this will be sufficient for me, for now. It is a good alternative to spending the night in your own couch, though!



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