Outdoors omm

There is nothing quite like the power of community. Usually in yoga classes the om-chanting resonates in the room, last week I once again got to experience something different.

New York Public library (my best guess), view from Bryant Park

Every week there are two free classes of yoga in Bryant Park (Tue 10 am, Thu 6 pm). Anyone willing and able can come and try the poses that the teachers from different yoga schools around NY choose to practise. The class I took was intense, maybe because of the upcoming thunderstorm that made the air sweaty hot and really humid. 400 people chanting simultaneously is something that attracted people to come and just watch the downward dogs and other asanas. Doing yoga outdoors with others was fun, but next time I’d definitely bring my own mat.

Yogis getting ready for action

Bryant Park organizes other events, too, like the weekly movie screenings. Tomorrow’s film is Rebel Without a Cause, I will definitely go see it.

Aside from the Bryant Park yoga, I haven’t yet experienced other forms like yogilates or the oh-so enticing yoga kickboxing. We shall see if I have the time to experiment. Some yoga schools offer free drop-in classes, others charge close to 30$/hour.

For people who are currently in the city and are interested in the subject: The Integral Yoga Institute is organizing a “Day for Your Health Vegetarian Street Fair” on August, 18th, on 13th street between 7th and 8th avenues.



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