Fuzzy love

New Yorkers love their pooches. In addition to dog sitters who can be seen walking 8 different sized dogs with no problems, there are many other possible activities for dogs.

If your dog doesn’t get enough exercise, take him to the gym! No need to take the dog out for a walk. Maybe they use free weights and machines in this gym?

Of course dogs need special treats, too. You can buy doggy cookies from many stores and even bakeries, and there’s plenty of shops and restaurants that offer at least water to doggies.

Vending machine for dog treats seems somehow Japanese?

Unlike in Finland, where you have to buy a dog straight from the breeder, in the States dogs can be purchased from regular pet stores. Puppies are usually on display in the window, in a glass box or in a small cage. I wonder how many people buy dogs as spontaneously as they buy clothes, or some other stuff they find in the mall?

Dog menu
Take me home and let your kids have another teddybear?

Dogs in the city are generally small, but in the suburbs people tend to have bigger dogs for “protection”. Since not everyone can handle a pitbull, the animal shelters are packed with dogs that have been abandoned after they grow up and people realize that having a dog is like having a child.


2 thoughts on “Fuzzy love

  1. I used to live in New York a couple of years ago, Queens to be exact, but I did not have a dog at that time. Now that I do, if I had to go back to live in NY with my dog I am glad I chose a medium dog. Small breed dogs are wonderful, but they have a lot more energy than a medium or large breed size dog and require much more exercise. If I go to NY I will check out this place. Thanks:)


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