I know I keep on saying how big the city is, and how much is going on all the time, but it is true, and that seems to affect my life in here quite a bit. I come across interesting things mostly unintentionally, which is delightful.

There are more tv shows and movies located in New York that I can count, which means that there are quite several film sets around. I, for some reason, have come across the set of Gossip Girl, twice. I am not a hardcore fan of the show, but it is fun to see those people who are try to get over the fact that they are actually seeing how it’s done.

Maybe the best day ever – Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick – yeah I googled) is across the street!

The crew behind the scenes is big, the actors’ appearance is constantly being polished and improved, and something as little as a small box that is accidentally in the shot can ruin the whole scene. And of course, where there are celebrities, there are paparazzi’s, too. And tourists. That is like the holy trinity of New York. I have not seen any celebrities other than in this kind of situations, though. They probably have people who go out and do everything so they don’t have to.

Lily (Kelly Rutrherford) and Chuck (Ed Westwick) with their ride

Now I feel intrigued to start watching the show, so I can see the scenes that I have seen being made. What season are they filming now?



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