The Ex

134th Canadian National Exhibition – Canada’s largest annual fair boasts 18 days of interesting food, rides, exhibitions and attractions. This year’s program includes aerial acrobatics and ice skating, airshow, dogshow, horseshow, illusionist, program for kids and musical performances from starts like Nick Carter.

I went to the Ex on the opening day, Friday Aug 17th. I did not see any of the aforementioned talents, but a lot more – for example a booth showcasing interesting trivia about Queen Elisabeth, and a sculpture contest. The exhibition hall consisted of booths selling anything from Vitamix to beds, club-tubs (hot tub with loudspeakers and lighting system), steamers to carpets and specialities from different countries.

Finnish delicacies. I will never be so deprived of comfort food or homesick that I’d pay 4,25$ for a bag of candy!

In addition to shopping and cultural learning, you can visit the farm with animals in their farm conditions. The cows (or other animals, for that matter) did not look happy, chained and forced to listen to the constant noise of the visitors.

In the Ex, you can have deep fried candy bars, or bacon. I will not eat deep fried butter ever again!

The array of foods was stunning, to say the least. This year’s theme seemed to be artery-clogging with bacon. Some samples of the menu: deep fried bacon covered hot dogs, bacon sundae, Jack Daniels bacon sandwich, and that’s just to name a few. The most revolting thing was probably hot dog eclair. My friend, who tried chicken on waffle, found that quite exquisite combination. Before the deep fried butter, I was trying to maintain somewhat healthy habits (disregarding the various samples of nut butters, beer bbq sauces and other samples), and enjoyed my first ever raw food taco. 5,65 dollars well spent, I must say.

Fancy a bacon nutella BLT sandwich? Or maybe chocolate covered bacon?

Somehow, I spend 4 hours in the Ex, which is not that bad, if I might say. It surely was an interesting experience, even though I did not risk my life in the ancient rides. I risked my life eating the most unhealthy things one can imagine. Deep fried onion is another treat I am now through with.

It would be interesting to know, what kind of other fair delicacies there are, and if the deep fryer is this popular only in here (and in the States, I might assume).



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