Dog days

Now in Tampere, my pretty much only daily task is walking the dog. Easier said than done!

About to go for a walk

The dog is incredibly lazy – after hours of lying on the bed, or on a chair in the balcony, I’ll have to persuade her to go out.

Pit stop on the driveway

Yes, people do find it funny that the dog will go lie down and refuse to move.

Pause to watch the scenery

Although I am a woman of action and a rather brisk walker, I and Sophie share one interest: berries. So, I take a “beard gaffer” (Greek yogurt) container with me when we go out, and then we are in harmony – she eats as I pick, mostly blueberries but also raspberries.

Maybe this years’ last raspberries, self-picked from Pyynikki

Life is all about compromises.
Ps. a small box of blueberries costs probably around 5€. Win-win!

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