From land to table

Tampere dialect, since Penttilä farm is near

Local food has become more and more popular in Finland, which of course is a good thing. Even though the two big store chains, S and K still rule the markets, the selections for local produce and bakery products have expanded with the increased demand.

This weekend one of my favorite places in Tampere, the market hall, hosted a local food event.

The haystack in front of the entrance apparently symbolises the origins of the food

There was bread and local cheese samples and the Ahlman farm gave out leaflets about local food.

Chantarelles, berries, and other local treats

There was also a local food event in Laukontori, where the fish market is held. In addition to the two veggie stalls that daily inhabit the market square, there was various different stallholders, selling delicacies ranging from organic vegetables to smoked fish, pastries and chili condiments. Not quite the greenmarkets in New York, but our little Finnish version of it.

Rye bread, made with a rye starter in stead of yeast

It seems bizarre that usually the closer the food is produced, the more expensive it is. Polish apples are one third of the price of the local apples, the fish from the lakes around Tampere are four-, even five times more expensive than the fish imported from Vietnam, the mushrooms from Estonia are cheaper than the mushroom from here – even though you could get them for free in the forests, if you knew where to go (and which ones to pick).

Martat, the traditional power ladies, gave information about different mushrooms

The event, called “from land to table”, is still going on tomorrow in the market hall. It’s good that more people get familiar with the products that come from our own turf…or surf.

What’s a farm event without animals in small cages and kids pestering them?

3 thoughts on “From land to table

  1. Chantarelles mushrooms are my favorite. I still remember my grandmother picking them from the forest for brunch.

    1. I like chantarelles sauteed with onion. Actually the same applies to most mushrooms – I prefer them on pizza or as they are, as opposed to creamy soups or sauces, how they are traditionally prepared. It seems to me that Finnish chefs think that anything will taste good with cream and butter, so they don’t bother to do anything else.
      My brother and cousin are big fans of mushroom salad, which has to be a part of our Christmas table. The salad is made with salted mushrooms mixed with chopped onion and sour cream, seasoned with black pepper.

      1. My mom makes a good mushroom salad. Here is the recipe:
        1 can of mushrooms (drained) [you can use fresh, just let them pickle longer]
        2 Tbsp lemon juice
        2 Tbsp sunflower oil
        ½ cup scallions


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