AP House

There are two dorms in APU, called AP House 1 and 2. There are shared as well as individual rooms, in both mixed gender floors and floors that are for one gender only. I am not quite sure how many students live in the AP houses, but my guess would be few thousand. The houses are somewhat identical, but there is a mini shop downstairs of the AP 1. Both dorms also have several vending machines for drinks and snacks, a computer room, foosball and a table tennis, etc. Residents can access AP houses with their student cards, and visitors are allowed to stay until 10 pm.

AP 2 lobby

I am staying in AP 2, 3rd floor, and I have a single room. Before coming here I thought I would share a room, so I was happily surprised. The room includes a toilet and a fridge, plus it is way bigger than the room I had in the Webster.

All the necessary: fridge, few cabinets and a desk. Bed in on the right, opposite the desk.

The bed is rock hard, which made few fellow Scandinavians go buy extra mattresses. The tiny pillow is filled with styrofoam balls, so it is not like anything we in the west are used to. I am happy it is long enough for me, since the Asians are tiny!

Sink, with a light and room for toiletries
My floor’s kitchen. Each floor plan and equipment is similar, but they are decorated differently
Japanese oven, with simple instructions

Each floor is equipped with a shared kitchen with few basics, a table and a tv. There are communal showers in each floor, and a traditional ofuro bath is located in the ground floor. The ofuro is for women every other week, every other for men. I tried it, I liked it! Not too hot at all, as some might say. I can only imagine how good the bath feels in the wintertime!

Tatami and piano in the communal area


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