Opening Ceremonies

My first day in APU was full of information, papers to fill and sign, brainwork in the form of Japanese test (I passed the hiragana test, but after the grammar test everyone was put to level I) and of course, many many new faces! I met more exchange students whose name I can remember, and even got to go to Beppu city in the evening. More about the town later, this post is dedicated to today morning’s Opening Ceremony.

In the Opening Ceremony, many important people gave speeches (including the mayor of Beppu!), and there was more bowing that I even imagined. After the speeches the festival really started.

Apparently Gangam Style cannot be escaped anywhere

In addition to the APU version of the Gagnam Style (if you don’t know it, be glad and do not Youtube it), there was an Asian version of Gossip Girl and Twilight (interesting, to say the least), as well as introductions to some of the schools’ circles (activity clubs). We got to enjoy performances of Korean drum club, fast-paced Indonesian traditional dance and singing, Japanese dance Yossha-koi, Chinese performance, and a Japanese drum club. I may have found my future activity in here! More about that later, too. I did take pictures, but they are really poor quality.



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