My classmate Camille is going to study in the neighbor town of Beppu, Oita. She came to Beppu to explore a bit before her school in Oita starts. This is what she writes about Beppu.


I was totally lost on wednesday when I tried to find my way to the hostel. Yesterday, things have changed! After a 5 hour walking trip in the burning sun around the city center, I feel much more at ease in Beppu. I lost a layer of skin but found my way.

I also now know” all” the electronic shops here, as it took 2h hours to find a replacement for the crappy plug adapter I bought in Finland. There are 2 (!) of them and I might have bought the treasure of the city knowing how hard task it was to find (but cheap 190 yen, not even 2e).   The center is actually quite small. Beppu is stuck between mountains, volcanoes and the sea. There is a sand beach but there is some construction going on, maybe against tsunami.

Sea side- the bay and Mount Takazaki

The mountains…

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