Round and round nom

Maybe one day I will be able to read the name of the restaurant

What is Japan without sushi or (in the case of me, a poor student) kaiten or conveyor belt sushi, where you pick your favorite portions as they come from the kitchen. In case you are lucky enough to be dining with a Japanese-savvy person, you can also order items from the menu, and they will be delivered to your table. Even though your nihongo is not that strong, pointing at the sushi plate pictures is efficient way to get your favorites, too.

In Beppu I have found 2 kaiten sushi places so far, one in You Me town and the other one is where the pictures are from. Unfortunately I have no clue what the name is, but it is located near Beacon Plaza (also known as the diving tower).

Lots of information, lots of variety

Reasons why I like kaiten-sushi:

It is cheaper than going to a sushi restaurant (in Beppu, two pieces of ebi, salmon, unagi and other more common nigiri cost 105y, as well as most of the gunkan-maki and 4 pcs of maki. More expensive sushi are approx. 300y, which is around 3€)

It is fun to watch the conveyor belt and different kinds of sushi

You can eat various kinds of sushi, as much as you want (which can lead to an unpleasant surprise as the plates keep on piling up)

Unlimited green tea, gari (pickled ginger) and wasabi

Relaxed atmosphere

Happy and fully satisfied, Japanese style



4 thoughts on “Round and round nom

    1. Where have you had kaiten sushi? I have heard there are places that serve the sushi from small train cars – very cute idea!
      I think my first kaiten sushi was in London, it was a fast food sushi chain called Yo!Sushi. I prefer this Japanese way, where the plates are more upscale than the ugly neon plastic ones they use in the “hip” sushi places. I don’t think many international places offer green tea, either?

      1. Well I’ve been to kaiten in Romania and yes, in London Yo!Sushi has it! Haha. Well I guess it depends where you go, Japan can have quite ugly kaiten as well. As for the places that offer green tea, it depends. In London there’s quite a few Japanese restaurants that give you free Green tea, whilst in Melbourne all Chinese/Malaysian/Vietnamese places do that.


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