I don’t know about Japan in general, but here in APU there is a guidance for everything. During the first 2 weeks before school started, we had guidances at least about the following topics: health, library (included 3 videos, one guide book, a lecture and a tour in the actual building), successful student life, clubs and activities and course registration. These guidances are of course rather important, but I think it is possible to go to the library, loan a book and get out unharmed even without watching the third video. Everyone here is very helpful about everything, and there is staff and students to assist lost people, so after the fifth guidance everything started to look a bit, ahem, goofy.

This is one of the things you cannot do in the gym. Beware.

In order to use the gym on campus, one must attend gym guidance. The first gym guidance session was held this week, so no I am finally able to go there (though I would have had much more time when I school hadn’t started yet…) We were told not to sleep during the guidance, since that would result in not getting the required gym membership card. 10 minute video explained the gym rules and the proper use of the machines, telling beginners what not to do (as if they would remember anything about techniques or the various ways they could harm themselves). One must always enter the gym in indoors shoes. You must sign in. You must sign the time you start using the treadmill. The list goes on. Of course there is a guard at the gym, who could assist people if needed.

After the video, we signed a card and so now I can finally go to the gym, since I got myself a brand new pair of (men’s) sneakers for 1980yen.

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