Japanese cooking: mochi

I was lucky enough to be invited to several Japanese homes last weekend; one of them happened to belong to obaasan (grandmom). Without speaking any English, she managed to teach me and my friends how to make delicious anko (red bean) paste filled rice cakes, mochi. I have seen mochi before, but not like this. And I have to admit, the taste of a pan-hot fresh home-made mochi is something quite unique, and delicious!

Almost like a pro

The ingredient list is simple, and can be found in at least Asian supermarkets. All you need is rice flour, red bean paste (or boiled/banned red beans, pureed) and water, plus oil for frying.

Mix rice flour with water in a bowl
The dough is ready when you can make balls
Flatten a ball in your palm, and fill with bean paste. Fold the corners so that bean paste is inside
Put mochi cakes to frying pan. Fry on medium heat under lid
According to obaasan, the more burnt, the better!

Oishii, nee!

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