More Japanese sweets: zanzen and green tea crepes

Life in Japan is sweet: most breads in the stores are sugar coated and/or filled with jam or cream. The pastries, cookies and other treats are aplenty. In addition to the mochi-making last weekend, today I was introduced to another anko (red bean paste) and rice-based dessert: zanzen, which is red bean soup with dango (rice flour) balls.

Simple ingredients and simple instructions: flour and water, form balls and boil

Anko soup is fairly easy to make: just put equal amount of red bean paste and water into a pot, and bring to boil. The dango balls are just as simple, but require a bit more work – they need to be rolled into small (roughly nail-size) balls and boiled until they rise from the bottom of the kettle. Dango is similar to mochi, and can be filled with anko paste, too. Without the filling, the dango does not taste like much.

Dango balls in the making



Green tea flavored whipped cream and bananas for crepe filling


The crepes are simple to make, too: flour, milk, eggs and sugar are mixed, then fried. The Japanese twist comes from the green tea in the whipped cream.

Happy crepe chefs

These delicacies were offered to the lucky students living in AP house. I was lucky to be able to join the House Activity Organization in making this event happen. I was also promised to be able to join next time – maybe this will be my activity, in stead of Aikido (which I skipped to be able to cook). More treats coming my (and your) way!

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