Christmas came early, from Finland

Last week I found out that something is coming my way to Beppu, from Finland. Yesterday was my lucky day, but unfortunately I missed it. Instead, I found this on my mailbox.


Clear instructions on how to receive your mail

For a while I thought I would have to go all the way to Beppu to get my package, but then I recruited a Japanese friend to call the yuubinkyoku (post office). And, like a Christmas miracle (yes, I know it is October and the weather is still +20), they promised to deliver the package on the same evening.

I received a call 40 minutes before the agreed delivery time, and just like that, it was Christmas for me!

This is Finland (and some Goji berries)


Wasa näkkileipä/knäckebröd (the Swedish girls got knäckebröd from Ikea in Fukuoka last weekend for 300y small pack, expensive!), two packs of Finn crisp bread (now I will have to find something to put on it!), 4 grain (oat, wheat, barley and rye) groats for making porridge, instant apple-cinnamon porridge, loads of Moomin-stuff (raisins, gum, pastilles), candy (Fazer’s best, plus salmiakki) gum, and best of all: some raw chocolate, cocoa nibs, mulberries and goji berries.

And let’s not forget the 4 crossword puzzle magazines!

Can’t escape the Finnish

With these omiyage, I will survive until Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Christmas came early, from Finland

    1. I have yet not been to any Moomin cafes, but I will definitely visit at least the one in Tokyo, during Christmas time! I can’t wait: I hope it will bring me homely Christmas feeling, or at least something familiar. There is apparently another one in Fukuoka, that I will want to visit if I get the chance. Do you know where else there are Moomin cafes?


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