Take a hike

Rice fields forever

Apparently winter is coming, but at least last week it was still warm and sunny enough to take a walk down the mountain, to Kamegawa and downtown Beppu. This time I took a different route than usual: few surprises were on my way!

This worm seemed picture-worthy

Even though the walking directions here are rather limited, the scenery at least is variable. And there are many new things I encounter each time.

The second worm was a lot longer than the first one

You never know what comes around the corner.

Oddly enough, this hebi (snake) was just sun-bathing on its’ back

It takes roughly two hours to walk to downtown Beppu. I prefer the route along the habitation, since there are nice plantations where people grow their vegetables (no wonder, since they’re so expensive in the stores!), beautiful small gardens, architecture and interesting encounters.

Lady selling fish from her cart, I’m guessing this is local entrepreneurship at its’ best!

My next goal is to walk to the nearest onsen, on the other side of the mountain. It is easy to go down, but I would never walk up here (to “Hogwarts”).

Not even nearly there!

3 thoughts on “Take a hike

    1. Thanks! I am glad to notice that small things, specially from nature, can uplift my mood and make me appreciate the surroundings. What I have once again noticed in these past few months is, that environment and weather plays a great role on my mood. I saw a glimpse of the weather in Finland, and it made me shrug. Even though it is getting colder here as well, the sun is still shining and everything looks beautiful!
      And another thing about the environment that I really like, is the fact that everybody I pass smiles, nods and greets me with konnichiwa.

      1. don’t you love the small beautiful things other cultures bring? I am so glad you have this great chance to experience another place like this. Keep up the posts!


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