Everyone has to “go”. In Japan, the “ways to go” are various!

Color coordinated atmosphere, seat with electrical lid

The Japanese love for technology reaches the toilet. There are more functions and possibilities to entertain yourself than I can possibly imagine – so far I have been too shy to even try.

Only thing missing is guidebook

Since the Japanese people are aesthetics, they of course want to make their toilet as enjoyable as possible. Note the tap on top: when the toilet is flushing, water runs from the tap so you can wash your hands!

Kawaii style, without the luxury effects


Afterwards, it’s recommended to wash your hands again!

One hole for soap, another for water; then move on to to drying (in front)


And, in case you don’t know what might happen, there is good to be some instructions.

Hot water can be dangerous, so be warned!

In some toilets (all of the toilets in APU), there is an emergency button, which should not be confused with the flush button. I don’t know what the emergency button is for: there has always been at least 2 rolls of paper, so it can’t be for that. What kind of “emergency” might occur in the toilet, and who would come to help?


It’s not always that pleasant


Japanese toilets do not have any hand paper – maybe it’s a way of compensating the disposable chopstick consumption and saving the nature. The Japanese generally carry a small hankerchief with them, which is used to dry hands.

2 thoughts on “Toire

    1. The subject just seems to amaze foreigners… the invention of heated toilet seat is one of the best I know, now that it’s cold! 😀
      You have a cool blog, by the way!


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