Christmas adventure

I have to face it: there will be no Christmas as I know it this year. Even the time waiting for Christmas has been so different from what I am used to – in fact there has been no waiting, besides waiting for tomorrow! Tomorrow I will leave to Tokyo, where I will meet my dad. We will spend the Christmas together in a so far unknown location, after which he leaves back to Thailand and to Finland on the 26th. After that, I am on my own for 10 days, until it’s APU time again, for the last 3 weeks of school. Whoa.

Christmas lights in Fukuoka
Christmas lights in Fukuoka

Time does fly, no matter how you look at it. Outside it seems to be fall, but I have already been here for months and the new year is coming faster than I would have imagined.

So, since I will most likely be occupied with other stuff than posting here for the next days (or weeks?), I can only promise to tell stories about my experiences later on. As stated above, since time goes by so fast, the posts will appear sooner than you’d expect!

Merii kurisumasu!
Merii kurisumasu!


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