Busy in China

Oh, Hong Kong. So different from Japan, though there are many things that are similar. I find the same products, sushi, and some of the same kanji, but other than that everything seems very different. So far I have pretty much been working every day, and then in the evenings wander around and fall to my bed. So much to see, but also so much time!

Quiet street in the afternoon
Quiet street in the afternoon

It seems odd to compare Hong Kong with Japan, since they both have their own characteristics. This place seems more international, yet also very traditional Chinese at the same time. So far, I have got my home-fix from Ikea, but also seen pig faces on dirty concrete ground, turtles piled in a cage with frogs, and the various Chinese medicine shops that sell bunch of smelly stuff.

Geese drying up on the street
Geese drying up on the street

Every day is an adventure, and I believe there will be new things to discover after few months. It definitely is an advantage, that I am accustomed to the Asian cultures before coming here, since now I know most (well, at least some) of the weird foods. My goal here is to eat as much fruits and study as much about mushrooms as possible, since it seems like they are pretty big deal here (and of course FSF plays a role in that…today I tasted shiitake, originated from Oita! So, I guess I can’t leave Beppu behind.

This could be Japan!
This could be Japan!

Now that the Chinese New Year’s is upon us, I believe that will give me something to write about. At some point I will also reveal you the Paul Yee Mansion penthouse – and of course some of the things I experience with the shrooms and Four Sigma Foods.


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