Tai O

Tai O is a charming, picturesque fishing village in Lantau Island, right next to Kowloon. I visited there with my mom quite a few weeks ago, before the rainy weather started.

Bridge connecting two parts of the village

When visiting Tai O, our original plan was to go see the Big Buddha statue by cable car. By a lucky coincidence, the cable car was under maintenance, so we took a bus in stead; not to the statue, but to the village that was an hour ride away from Tung Chung where we left off.


Tai O was nice and the atmosphere was relaxed on the two “main” streets. There was only few tourists, perhaps because it was a Friday.


Tai O’s specialities seem to be dried fish and similar sea products, as well as purple shrimp paste. The smell was…not appetizing in the heat.

Making shrimp paste
Making shrimp paste

The trip to Tai O from Hong Kong Island takes few hours – you can take the ferry to Mui Wo in Lantau, and from there the bus to Tai O. The atmosphere is completely different from the hectic city, so it is definitely worth a visit when the crowds and noise is just too much.


PS: I saw the first animals (birds and insects and dogs in strollers don’t count) since coming here!

Holy (?) cows by the bus stop
Holy (?) cows by the bus stop

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