THE cake

Usually, if “everyone” else is doing something, I try to swim against the current – or at least I don’t admit that I am one of “them”. In this case, (I typoed cake) my defense is that I was happily here in Hong Kong, flippin’ my pancakes just like no one’s business, and then it started to appear in my Facebook stream and blogs all over Finland. I don’t know about the rest of the world, and sharing is caring – especially when it comes to all things yum-yum good. Therefore, I am proud to present you: the ridiculously simple, versatile, (and healthy) Protein Pancake! It has been a while since I posted about food, but I’d say this was worth the wait.

So…to the cake.

Banana pancake, by Dita Margarita
Banana pancake, by Dita Margarita

– 2 eggs (or egg white and one whole egg, or 2 whites and one whole, however and which color you like)
– Banana (preferably ripe, dotted and smushy)
– Coconut oil or butter for frying (or any other oil you wish to use)

That’s it. You mash the banana and whisk (or blend) it with the eggs. How ever lumpy you like it, go for it. Fry on medium heat, flip and munch away!

But…that’s not all. With this simple base, you can go beyond bananas! My imagination has led to the following conclusions for successful additions:
– Oats. You can either roast them on the pan for a nuttier, crunchier consistency, or let them soak in the base mix for a while before frying
– Nuts (cashew, dry roasted peanuts). Roast, and crunch on top of the pancake before flipping
Chocolate chips cocoa nibs. Nuff said.
– Grated ginger. Gives a nice fresh touch
– Cinnamon powder/vanilla or cacao, to smoothen out the banana flavor
– Powder. Your preferred protein powder, herb blend or cordyceps would boost this baby to a new level
– Coconut/almond flour for thicker pancakes: I haven’t tried, but I saw someone did it and apparently it worked since it was worth a blog post
– Chia seeds/quinoa, again for the mouth feel (and added nutrients)

And what comes to toppings….well, use your imagination. I’ll give just few personal favorites: baked fruit pieces (apples, pear), honey (erhm, nut butter…).

This pancake makes a great breakfast, lunch, dinner, post-workout treat or a midnight snack, and seriously, I have yet to discover what could be easier to make. Since I am not a big fan of banana, I will try substitutions for that: maybe avocado or over-ripe papaya would work. And I’ll promise to try my best to get a good picture of the pancakes before eating them.

Have you heard of this miracle before? What is your favorite combo?

7 thoughts on “THE cake

    1. It is ridiculously easy, and the best part is the variable options to make it different every day (and by every day, I mean every meal)! It’s dirt cheap, too, depending on what you wish to top it off with. Let me know what kind of creations you come up with!

  1. My dad’s college roommate introduced my parents to the protein pancake a year or two ago. My mom loved it, but she wanted a little flour in hers (she wasn’t going Paleo like many people who make these). She always adds fresh blueberries too, and they’re good enough that she makes them at least twice a week!

    1. It is funny how some things suddenly spread – I had no idea people were doing this before I read it on several blogs. I guess paleo is part of why it’s become more popular. I used to make “pancakes” with just rye/chickpea flour and water with some spices, but that is more of a wrap, nothing close to pancake.

      1. It’s true. I saw a similar thing with kale chips a few months ago, but I have no clue what the next big “thing” will be. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the first one to start a new trend!

      2. Kale chips? Whoa, that sounds interesting! My roommate actually mixed the base with coconut cream (which we have tried before, but I forgot it one the list – too many options!), and added garlic and pepper. The result was interesting, we couldn’t figure out if it was sweet or salty, so with a little topping of peanut butter it balanced out for the sweet side. Experimenting is a blast (unless you’re starving and end up ruining your meal)!

        Haha, I hope I will start a new trend, too bad it would require me to post more recipes (which I usually don’t have since I just wing it) with pictures!
        Judging by my recent treats, my go-to would have to be fruit salad marinated in mushroom/herb powders. That doesn’t even count as cooking, since all you have to do is pick your fruit, cut them and top it all off with the powder.

      3. So true about experimenting! I’m trying to develop some baking recipes right now, and it’s the most frustrating and rewarding thing. I can sometimes taste as I go, but the oven seems to have a mind of its own. (At least, that’s what I tell myself so I don’t feel so bad when I ruin everything…)

        But people love super easy creations like that! The less effort that they have to put into a dish to make it, the more likely they are to try. With people’s busy schedules, your “recipes” would be perfect for a new trend!

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