What the duck?

I am not sure how big news this is abroad, but here it has been all over the (few) magazines and newspapers (I read).

Apparently God lost his bath toy, and it floated all the way to Hong Kong.

Just chillin' like it's no one's business
Just chillin’ like it’s no one’s business

The duck has been ashore in Victoria Harbor in TST for a while now, but until today I have only seen the tip of it’s bald head from my yoga studio in Causeway Bay. That tells something about the awesome views I have in the studio – no wonder the balance postures can sometimes be a bit shaky!

Where there's one...there's more
Where there’s one…there’s more

I was not the only one to see the duck (and I most definitely did not go to the other side just for this), which is somewhat a celebrity and an icon now. Someone’s making money!

Sometimes the duck in the tub just isn't enough - specially when most of the Hong Kong houses don't even have bathtubs
Sometimes the duck in the tub just isn’t enough – specially when most of the Hong Kong houses don’t even have bathtubs

Oh someone else has noticed it, too! Here’s what CNN has to say about it. Lucky me, it’ll be here as long as I will!

5 thoughts on “What the duck?

    1. Yeah, that’d be fun! There is actually a huge inflatable installation of different weird stuff here in Hong Kong, I need to go check that out and write about it, too.

  1. The duck’s from Holland and it actually lived near where I live in Amsterdam for a while. HK’s the perfect place for it though, all my family back there are as excited as other HK locals to get their pictures taken with it 😉 Was big news here btw as it’s a Dutch design. Would secretly also love to say hi to my old neighbour so hope it stays in Vic Harbour for a while!


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