Upgrade Your Day: Chocolate cereal

Many people swear by starting their day with oatmeal, if not for its’ divine taste, then because of the various nutritional benefits it provides. I have got my share of porridge/oatmeal already in my childhood, where although not every day, I ate a lot of it. Always made with water and never with milk, eaten with a blop of butter in the middle and sugar sprinkled all over, or then with frozen berries, berry soup or cinnamon and apple. I could consider eating overnight oats or porridge made with other grains than oats, but I’d rather start my engines with something else.

Elovena, the image of Finland
Elovena, the image of Finland

Enter the fast, easy and cheap savior of all moms, common enemy of health freaks, the industry with plastic by-gifts and endless, more or less ridiculous and misleading health-claims: cereals, muesli, granolas and all the other sugar, fat and other additive-ladden grain products! I have to admit, I was once a junkie of the Coco Pops, Frosties and Honey O’s (the last eaten plain, without milk), then “upgraded” to the “whole grain family” of Special K, Fitness and mueslis. After realizing what crap I was eating, how un-nourishing and addictive it was, I started feeding my cravings with better stuff, i.e self-made granola. Success! The only downside with making my own batch of granola, no matter how healthy it may be, is that I have never been really good at portion control. Uh-oh.

With all this interesting history to my habits (listen to the coco pops pop, drink the chocolate milk and complain to my brother for wasting his milk), I present you an alternative to your morning routines and everyday-oats, in case you ever get sick of it. I am sure there are thousands of variations how to eat it, but stepping out of the box and into another bowl is sometimes in place. So, here goes:

Ultimate (raw) Choco Pop Cereal

– Cacao mass
– Raw honey, agave syrup, coconut nectar or other liquid sweetener
– Coconut oil
– Quinoa/amaranth/buckwheat pops or sprouted and dehydrated “buckwheaties”, if you’re super DIY
– Milk of choice (optional)
– Spices if desired, i.e vanilla
– Cocoa nibs, if you’re feeling indulgent or it’s the weekend!


Melt the cacao mass in a water bath, and add desired amount of sweetener and a tad of coconut oil. Adjust the sweetness according to taste. If you want honey cereal, just skip the cacao! Stir in the cereal. If you want to make “rice krispie treats”, increase the amount of coconut oil, and add so much pops that the mixture becomes sticky. For regular cereal, you’ll know the right amounts when it looks like something you’ve seen in your childhood, yet less processed. Put to your breakfast bowl, top it off with desired milk (or eat plain), and go down the memory lane. It may not come with a toy and pop like rice krispies, but it’s still way better!

If you are a coffee drinker, I suggest swapping your regular bulk brew to at least an organic variety. You’ll taste -and know- the difference. If I ever get addicted to coffee and start drinking it at home, I will definitely get an aeropress.

Quality coffee at Johan&Nyström
Quality coffee at Johan&Nyström

If you are wondering where to get the amazing substitute cereal for rice pops and nutrition-stripped (GMO) cornflakes, you should be able to find amaranth/quinoa pops in health stores. In Finland, Stockmann Helsinki has a variety of different supergrain pops in the bulk section, and they’re way cheaper than anywhere else! I made a mixture of different pseudograins, and it definitely does the trick. Gluten-free, protein-packed and delicious!

How do you start your day? Do you have any childhood favorites?

5 thoughts on “Upgrade Your Day: Chocolate cereal

    1. I love coconut oil, it’s actually the only thing I use for cooking (but also for other purposes) for many reasons:

      Coconut oil is solid in room temperature, and it has low melting point, making it excellent for raw cooking. It also has a high burning point, which makes it good for frying. Though it contains over 90% saturated fat, it has antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antioxidant and anti-stress properties. Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids (MCFA), which are easily digested and are good for cholesterol. It also contains beneficial Lauric acid. You can read more for example here. Coconut oil has also been said to help in reducing the risk for Alzheimer’s as well as Diabetes (1 and 2), among other conditions. I hardly think margarine can do the same! I prefer all-natural and un-processed solutions, which is why I also use coconut oil for skincare and as sunscreen. The smell is so tropical and nice!

      My personal favorite use and the clearest benefit I’ve seen with coconut oil is to drink a cup of coffee with a teaspoon/tablespoon of coconut oil just before a workout. The caffeine combined with all the goodness of coconut oil gives crazy energy boost! Plus the drink tastes very rich and cream-like! Others use butter in their coffee, but I prefer coconut oil, even just for the smell. 🙂 You should definitely give it a try! If you don’t like it for cooking, you can always rub it on your skin to make it softer and to get an exotic feeling!

      1. Wow, thanks for all the information. I was confused because it has high saturated fat and I saw my trainer use it. So it must be justifiably healthy.
        Coffee with coconut oil sounds delicious. I am going to work on a coconut oil recipe and post it to my youtube show:

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