Happiness is where your heart is

Lately I have been reading quite a few articles somehow related to happiness. The subject never goes out of fashion, it’s something everyone pursues, right? Behold, a long mind-vomit follows.

Idyllic happiness.
Idyllic happiness.

Happiness consists of many abstract things entwined together. If you are constantly looking for happiness, what, how and where are you expecting to find it? Will a new pair of shoes make you happy? Making others happy? Donating money? For how long does this feeling of happiness (or more likely satisfaction) last?

Happiness in a tea cup and a notebook.
Happiness in a tea cup and a notebook.

Do whatever makes you happy. Okay, well, if I don’t quite know what makes me happy, I’ll just do a bunch of stuff and see what works for me. Now for me ‘happy’ seems to mean sweaty high intensity interval training, hanging out with friends, baking and taking pictures of food on Instagram. Maybe in a half year I’ll be doing tai chi, meditating in solitude and using the oldest Nokia mobile phone still available. Who knows? The only way to find out is to try things and see what floats your boat the best. But maybe there’s something better waiting around the corner – would it be possible to be even more happy, or are things good enough as they are? That’s one reason for my hunger for traveling: there’s always new ways of life and stories to discover in the pursuit of happiness.

View to the sea, Portofino, Italy.
View to the sea, Portofino, Italy.

Some say happiness comes from within. I agree: it is important to be in terms of yourself and comfortable where ever you are. One can be happy in the slums of Jakarta, or on the top of a skyscraper in Manhattan.
I also wonder if it is possible to be happy in complete solitude. Since it seems like my gratitude journal (yes, I write one) is filled with friends and other people, I need to try to find happiness from within (or something less spiritual but with the same point).
I have one educating trip ahead of me!

Good setting for happiness, rooftop pool in Hong Kong.
Good setting for happiness, rooftop pool in Hong Kong.

Is it wrong to be happy because of something that is waiting in the future?



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