First you are somewhere you’ve known as home for years, thinking about how soon everything will be different. Hopefully better. Most likely sunnier. Perhaps cheaper. Definitely exciting. Part of the journey is the planning, but some things are better to be left unplanned. Leave room for coincidence, and real adventures will happen! Some of the adventures might include a festival with dance, traditional music and fire juggling, or going to play badminton in a bamboo hut with local villagemen. In +32 degrees. All this in one evening. (no post-worthy pictures, plus the wifi would make it download 10 more minutes. Though here all I have is time, it is good to sleep too.)

When I left home I had a strong idea of what was waiting for me, since I’ve been to Bali before. It’s not the hardest destination to go to, at least in most places everything is in English too. But going from +1 to +32 and from mute people to “taxi taxi miss”-yells every 2 minutes, I did have a shock. Being awake almost 2 days didn’t really help the overwhelmed feeling I got when arriving here. Lesson I learned the first day: you are never in such a hurry when arriving to a new country that you do not have the time to check reasonable fares to your destination. This is especially important when traveling alone, since you are the only one paying. That’s one of the minuses of traveling solo – there’s no one to share costs with. Luckily it seems like everyone is heading this way, so I am sharing a place with a friend: cheaper, better, and with a pool. When inland and in this heat, one must have a pool. Even with a tight budget.

Home for now - room with a pool, including breakfast. Not too shabby.
Home for now – room with a pool, including breakfast. Not too shabby.

The first days of a trip should be dedicated on .chilling. This is very unnatural for me, specially in a new environment. Partly due to that I couldn’t shut my brain off the first night here, and ended up turning around in bed for 5 hrs before falling asleep. Another tip: when tired, handle foreign money with special care. Suddenly 50000 seems like 5000 and you’re paying hundred times too much for fruits.

Post-spa treat. I just needed this and the 1.5hr lymph massage and herb scrub.
Post-spa treat. I just needed this and the 1.5hr lymph massage and herb scrub.

Yep, I am a budget traveler. But these small things like massages, pedicures etc. are things I have been saving for and not doing in Finland. And this is also my way of supporting the local people and their income. Win-win! (Oh God I hope  I won’t run out of money :D) One thing to do when accommodating yourself to a new environment: if you have the time and care, take your time to compare prizes. Do not trust the men on the street offering special price only for you my friend. Even when you get 50% off.



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