Randomness on the road

This post is even more meaningful because yesterday when I started writing about how you never know what happens when traveling, suddenly apparently all the wifi in this neighborhood died. So, randomness speaking there. And today we met this Californian couple for the 4th time within 2 days. Luckily they might be able to help me spot the best places in San Francisco!

(Picture here if the wifi wouldn’t take like 20 mins to upload – Impatient, I know)

Yeah, so. Weird and exceptional things happen when on the road. Maybe its because you are more open to random interesting things, new tastes and basically curious to see whatever comes along. I have been in Bali for less than a week, and already I have randomly visited a coffee plant and a cacao factory, gone rafting, got a lymph treatment, manicure and pedicure, have eaten superb food every single day, and gone to an awesome movie screening almost outdoors (less than the price of a cup of coffee, including unlimited popcorn and water). No rice fields or yoga at least yet, and I’m still planning to get that long-needed haircut. I’m doing a fairly good job on supporting the locals!

Inner yard. Basically could be any yard.
Inner yard. Basically could be any yard.

These random experiences and encounters with people often, but not always, lead to something more than just memories – last night’s succulent dinner with two new friends inspired me to do a juice cleanse for at least 3 days. Why not? This place is probably one of the easiest places on earth to do something like that; I’ve already had so much juice I know it will not be a big deal. Saying no to food will be the hardest part, getting green juices and coconut juice is no biggie. Battle of the mind it is, we shall see how the body likes it! I will keep you posted. Day 1 starting officially tomorrow, but I didn’t eat anything but a turmeric cinnamon shake this evening so I call it started already.

Mmmmmm juice.
Mmmmmm juice.

So far I have been comfortable being settled in Ubud, since we’ve been driving around quite a bit. I have still some comfortable time here before heading off to the shores of Canggu, where the goal is to get someone to teach me how to surf. Posts coming up about The Green School and Big Tree Farms as well as the cleanse and Ubud hoods.



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