Visa issues and actions

When traveling to the Republic of Indonesia as a tourist (from most Western countries at least), one obtains a 30 day Visa on Arrival (VOA) after paying 25USD at the immigration on the airport. This 30 day visa can be renewed once, totaling your trip to paradise for 60 days. If one does not leave the country within the 30 days from arrival and has not extended their visa, each extra day will have to pay a fine of I don’t remember how much. Another popular option is to make a visa run to either Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, but I decided just to stay here and do the extension the easiest way – through a Visa Agency.

There are several agents around Bali (mostly in Kuta, but I found mine in Ubud), who help people with their visas and basically do all the work. The procedures take 7 working days, so usually it is best to be safe and sorry and give it at least 10 days. So after a week in Bali, today I went to the visa office, and was told to bring my passport and a picture (which I went to get with wet and dirty hair, most likely one of the worst photos ever taken of me) with 700,000 IDR (card machine not working). So I walked around to passport pictures, went to get money, then walked back to the office just to find out that from this date onwards (12.11.2014) there is no longer a need for the picture. Go figure. I handed out my passport and gave my email address so they can contact me regarding the next steps. Next week I somehow will go to the Immigration office in Denpasar to give my fingerprints and some other neat stuff, then I will receive my passport back. But since I am no longer staying in Ubud next week, my Agent (how cool!) suggested we meet in the KFC in Sanur. Oh, my…

Random picture of the day: Juice. I’ve had my share of that!

Random shot: Green juice by the rice paddies.
Random shot: Green juice by the rice paddies.


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