No waves

What do people do in surfers’ paradise when there is no swell, and the very few waves that break are so weak they won’t take you anywhere? Things (read: the sea) has been looking rather gloomy for the past few days here in Canggu, and the atmosphere is a bit anxious (yet still way more relaxed than anywhere else I’ve been).

High tide.
High tide.


What do you do when you can’t surf? Funny question in a way, since I hardly go surfing once a day if even that, this is not a problem to me. My fellow travelers and flatmates have harder time to fill their time.

1. Drive around from one beach to another, just to check if. The beaches are different, so there might be a chance of white water, even though you can’t see it from where you stand.

2. Watch surf movies, preferably in the pool. This includes loud sound effects, re-plays and Bintang. Also surf clips on different media devices, and some Black Friday mayhem clips.

3. General day drinking. Might just as well.

4. Talk about surfing (They do that nevertheless, so this doesn’t really count). Take the surf board for a swim. It needs water!

5. Go bowling. This night time activity is technically not surfing-time, but still something special. And fun! Not in flip-flops, I wore socks for the 1st time in a month.

Tuesday should be lucky day with proper swell. Then it’s just a question of who gets the waves.



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