Are best friends those with whom we share everything starting from kindergarten trough high school to getting married and having kids at the same time, or can they be found later on in any part of life? Even though apparently I have several hundred friends on Facebook, I feel like in reality I only have a few; this is not a bad thing, I prefer quality over quantity. Being in a foreign continent has brought up quite a few thoughts about friendship, specially when meeting new ‘friends’ every day – and losing them maybe as soon as the next day.

How are these friendships different? I celebrated my birthday with new friends feeling very content and not homesick at all (day included surfing, massage, cake, and drinking local booze with locals until 3am in a temple festival listening of shitty dance pop). Being in touch with friends back home is so easy, and though all the messages don’t make up for physical presence, it’s better than nothing. On the road, people may skip some parts of the normal interaction of long-term friendships, and go to the “important” personal stuff faster. I have had few excellent conversations with some interesting people here, and it makes me sad to most likely not have these people in my life for good. Some may say I’m negative or sceptic and it is possible to make life-long friends abroad. I do believe is possible. However when meeting dozens and dozens of new people each week and going from one place to another, it is challenging to keep contact. Bless you, Facebook?

I don’t think short-term friendships are any less important than long ones, but it does get tiring at times. Same questions and beginnings each time, and for what? I do prefer going to a restaurant with other people rather than alone, so living in a hostel environment is perfect in that sense.

A friend took this picture. And drove me to Uluwatu.
A friend took this picture. And drove me to Uluwatu.


Brain vomit here, thank you for bearing with me. Other news: my computer broke down but has now managed to have power for 10 minutes. Score! Last weekend was good partying and the sun is bright and nice. I have heard bunch of good music, and I am also developing a love relationship. To the sea.

3 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. I absolutely agree with your post on friendship. Sometimes I meet people only once and immediately know that a life long friendship is possible. If you are ever in my neck of the woods, my couch is always available and my ear is always ready to listen to anything you want talk about.

    1. Thank you Leon! It is always heart-warming to read from you 🙂 and the same applies to you…where ever I might find myself located, you’re more than welcome to join.

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