Ending and beginning

A year ago I was sitting home, watching outside to the darkness and shivering at the idea of going outdoors to the damp coldness. I decided that no matter what, next year I would not spend the winter in Finland. As I watched the New Year’s fireworks on a beach few nights ago, I was happy I made that promise to myself to change the circumstances that made me unhappy.

One of my favorite spots in Helsinki, Sandro. Many happy times (and food comas)!
One of my favorite spots in Helsinki, Sandro. Many happy times (and food comas)!


Two months ago I came to Bali, not having a clear idea of what was ahead of me; perhaps I was thinking of going to do yoga in Ubud, chill, enjoy the sun, learn how to be alone truly enjoying it, and be merry. Well, I did go to Ubud, only to find out that it was not the place I really wanted to spend my time. Luckily I had been thinking of Canggu, and the small, rapidly growing surfer town was more my spot. After a while I got anxious about what I was “supposed” to do in terms of being a backpacker – go and see as much of Bali as possible. I would prefer to continue my travels as it has been so far: staying put in one good place rather than spending days on different means of transportations, waiting, crammed, carrying the backpack with me everywhere, just to do it all over again after a few days. So I stayed. I met people, some of them for a longer, some for shorter time, I overcame my self-doubts regarding driving and the ocean, I allowed myself just to be (some day with more success, some with more anxiousness), go eat out at least twice a day, and to just enjoy the flow of time.

Livin' on the edge.
Livin’ on the edge.


When thinking of where to spend the end of 2014 and the first day of 2015, I had a few options. Despite my growth during this trip and otherwise, I am still struggling with indecisiveness, so making the simple decision of “where to be” cost a bit too many brain cells. I decided to do what I felt like doing, to go back to Canggu. I was staying in a different hostel (not as good as the previous one), and didn’t know but a few people around. At the end, I ended up going to the same villa where I spent my birthday, having a barbecue with the local men, then continuing to the same beach bar where I spent countless happy hours and just regular (yet also happy) hours. I managed to get one more surf session and to eat one more time at my favorite cafe, go for one more drive around the hoods, and to have witty company with someone with puppy dog eyes. All the fun made leaving a bit harder. And the fact that despite ordering 2 taxis for 7 am, none came. Luckily we figured that out, not that good service from Blue Bird taxi, though!

Ain't too bad for a Christmas.
Ain’t too bad for a Christmas.

I am now at the airport, where the wifi is better than anywhere else! Too bad I don’t have time to upload more pictures. Next 3 hours will be on the plane to Singapore, and there to Ho Chi Minh. Hopefully the lack of sleep from the past 3 nights will keep me occupied. We’ll see how the big city life is after all this relaxation and small town entertainments! Happy New Year, friends! I have a feeling its going to be the best so far.


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