Kampot’s most wanted

I left Vietnam’s turf in Ha Tien at 7am, after filling 3 forms and paying 36USD to the travel agency for my Cambodian visa. Me and a Korean guy had no idea what was going on when our passports were ushered between 2 countries at the border. Within 15 minutes we were cruising down the potentially 4 lane road in Cambodia (only 1 lane with pavement, otherwise just dusty red sand). I was surprised that it took only 2 hrs altogether to get to Kampot, “the place to be” in the south coast. I had reserved a bunk at Arcadia Backpackers, located by the river some 10km outside of town. Arcadia offers its’ guests plenty of activities fro tubing to kayaking, beer pong and all the usual fun.

Water fun.
Water fun.


I rented an old bicycle, and biked the long wide road to Kampot downtown, had some delicious dumplings (12pcs 2USD, highly recommended), and just cruised around until he hit me. One local guy was driving his scooter, talking on a phone, and going way too fast. Luckily I was able to stay on my bicycle so I didn’t get injured, but he fell of his bike. Luckily I had 3 Western witnesses, who stood on my side and helped me out when the police came asking for money. I managed to pinch out a few tears, though the whole situation was very ridiculous, with police spray-painting the ground and looking all serious: no questions were asked from me, however, not even my information details. It was fairly easy to just leave the scene, an Italian girl took me to “the hospital” aka my accommodation. Only the bike was left behind, I still need to figure out how to get it back from where ever it is. Welcome to Cambodia!



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