Island Adventures

Hello friends!

I have had the luxury of proper internet for the past days, so I have been able to post more often. Since coming to Cambodia I’ve been staying first at the party river, then at party beach, so I need a change of scene. Tomorrow morning I will take a boat to Koh Rong Samloen island, where I will spend at least 2 or 3 nights, do a few dives and what ever activities I come up with (I’m thinking a hammock and a jungle hike). No wifi on the island, so I will need to keep myself occupied other ways. When returning to mainland, I’ll jump on a night bus to Siem Reap; I decided to skip Phnom Penh altogether, it just doesn’t seem that appealing to me.

Perfect beach, once again.
Perfect beach, once again.

I can’t say I really enjoyed my time in Sihanoukville: Otres beach would have been more isolated and quiet place to stay, but I opted for staying closer to downtown. Sihanoukville is truly the party capital of Cambodia, where small children wander amongst the drunk westerners on the beach, and the locals live in poorly built shacks next to the tourist bungalows. The contrast between the truly poor and the backpackers is so big, all the restaurants near the beaches sell burgers, pizza and french fries. At night the beach turns into Pattaya: local women with strong makeup sitting next to Western old men with empty eyes. Young people drinking from plastic cups and spilling drinks all over the place.

Nature, reminds me of Japan.
Nature, reminds me of Japan.

So I’m off to the island, we’ll see how I like it! Oh, and I just googled the bus company that I’m taking to Siam Reap. Terrible reviews and warnings not to use them. Hopefully I’ll survive with all my stuff; yesterday one girl at the hostel lost all of her valuables when riding a tuk-tuk. Luckily she was traveling with a friend, so she could borrow money. Hopefully I will be luckier than her.


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