So I spent 10 days with complete strangers in the middle of Cambodian countryside, waking up every morning under my mosquito net to a gong at 6.30, calling for morning practice. These 10 days were challenging in several ways, but most of all educating and also very relaxing. I definitely learnt a lot about myself, about the stress modern day life imposes on us, and how to cope with that. Due to my background and experience with yoga, I was struggling mostly with meditation. And I still do! Just keep on doing it, and maybe one day it will click, just like doing a headstand. I met some amazing people and made new friends I definitely hope to see in the future; we connected in an environment where you are fully present without any external human-made distractions, and the body language workshop we had even deepened my listening and presence skills. One day we spent in complete silence; I bent the rules a bit and spent quite a lot of time vomiting my thoughts on paper (music was forbidden, reading not encouraged, but creating something was I guess ok). Perhaps one day I’ll be brave enough to bear with my thoughts for the vipassana meditation, which is 10 days of meditation in complete silence.

Time Asia visited the retreat and wrote   about Hariharalaya. Also better pictures than mine! Some of my highlights besides the above-mentioned were the late evening chill-outs, werewolf-game, contact meditation and workshop on body language. I really also enjoyed…basically most of it. The hardest part was chanting things I didn’t understand and sitting still in uncomfortable positions for long periods with mosquitos feasting on me.

Our big and lovely crew.
Our big and lovely crew.


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