Prima Pearl morning alarm

You know those days when you really want (and need) a good sleep-in and chilled-out late morning? Today was that day for me, except that I woke up at 7 am to the sound of fire alarm and “this is an emergency, evacuate” repeating over and over again.

The timing couldn’t have been better (insert sarcasm), since only yesterday I found out that for some unknown reason my insurance company had denied the prolonging of my travel insurance, thus leaving me un-insured. They did send a letter to my address (in Helsinki), so I suppose they just presumed I would eventually find out I am a hazard on my own. Getting an Australian insurance: 140 dollars per month. Getting a travel insurance from an international company: Something between 600-1000€ per year. Nice.

Drama in Prima Pearl tower.
Drama in Prima Pearl tower.

As I woke up to the alarm and my brain started functioning, I got a bit anxious. I remembered all the fire drills I’ve had, and tried to think of what to do when on the 22nd floor. I was not panicking, and my roommate was calm as a hindu cow: she took the time to put on some make-up and had a decent effort trying to find her lipgloss before heading out of the apartment. And against what I was taught before, we took the elevator (there was a cute and fit guy in it, so I figured I could get stuck with him and be all alright) downstairs, where all the residents who had woken up were standing in their pyjamas. Later on I found out on Facebook that not everyone woke up, or bothered to go downstairs. We did get to see the whole show with firemen (men in uniforms!!), but apparently it was a false alarm. I guess I got lucky. Good amusement for the day, at least!

Shock-recovery pool time.
Shock-recovery pool time.

Tomorrow I will be moving to my “own” place, which I haven’t actually seen yet. Oops! I will be sharing the place with some (hopefully) lovely people, and share the room with someone so far lovely. I am a tad anxious, since I don’t have any experience in this kind of situation before, but at least it’s a learning experience!



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